I stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast this morning doing a shop.(because I’m a health nut) and was required to get a combo meal with coffee. Why is the “hashround” shaped that way? Anyway I was sitting there staring intently at the coffee cup since I wasn’t going to drink it and the women only needing .35 cents for the bus didn’t want it when I noticed little selector things on the side for marking how the coffee’s made. It had an oval for each of the following choices: Cream, Sugar, Sweetener, and Other. Just what in the hell is Other?? Are they putting shots of whisky in coffee now at Mickey D’s? Or is that for when you really piss off the DT order taker ? I’ll just take mine black, thankyou very much.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    You need to live it up and just get it all the way



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