ON MATCH.COM ? I Have 5 Tips For You….

A match.com ad popped up on a site I was reading and after I spit my tea all over my shirt I actually recognized one of the profiles. REALLY! But looking at it I thought no wonder you can’t get a date. It’s 5 simple things ……..

#1 – PUT A PICTURE ON YOUR PROFILE! No one is going to give you the time of day if they can’t see what you look like and they don’t want to see your college logo.

#2 – Put your best face forward. Make sure it’s actually a good picture of you and not one ten years ago or the glamour photo from the kiosk at the mall.

#3 – Don’t post a picture of you with something cuter in the picture. For example, unless you are smoking hot, do not post a picture of you with a puppy. The puppy is going to win.

#4 – Learn to Spell. In fact, match.com comes with spell-check. For example, it’s not prrity, but pretty.

#5 – Your profile photo should not contain cartoon mascots, your best friend or a picture of your favorite football player


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Ok so who did you recognize



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