You see, we all grow up learning little pearls from our parents, but I contend that our mother’s influence on our social graces far exceeds that of our fathers. For example, my mother always said you can’t show up empty handed to a party. Could I have made something easier? (Don’t judge me. I can feel you judging.)

I don’t think my mother was forced to read Emily Post when she was growing up, but there are many other habits I have because of my mom. For example, I always return the shopping cart (it happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves when people don’t – and yes, my mother’s biggest pet peeve too). I always rinse dishes before they go into the dishwasher. Many of my food and product purchases are from my mom; choosy moms choose JIF and so do I, and Downy is the only acceptable fabric softener.

For better or for worse, she is the voice within my head. And I suspect I’m not alone. In Publix last nite I need paper towels and fabric softener. Without a second thought in my head my mom says Bounty and Downy. I am not sure where brand locality comes from. I do know that most of mine comes from mom. We grew up with Charlie Chips, Tide, Coke. Some of them were for obvious reasons – generic Q-tips just arent the same and in fact can be painful when inserted into an ear. Clearly it was only Tide, Coke Cola and Heinz ketchup.

But somehow, there are certain things I will only buy the brand name of – Quilted Northern, Downy, Jif (because choosey moms choose Jif?), Smuckers – but then other things that I couldnt care less what brand they are.

The produces of these products would be more than happy to know that I stick with them no matter what, but I’m fairly certain they had nothing to do with it. Afterall, I still choose Jif and I’m not a Mom.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that would be Charmin –



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