cucumber water. Skeptical I resisted it for a week. But will admit it has a refreshing taste.

1. It’s good for your muscles: Cucumbers contain silica, a trace mineral necessary to keep connective tissue healthy. Add a few slices to your workout water bottle.
2. It’s good for your skin: The silica and antioxidants help your skin stay clear and supple. I read that you can remove the soaked cucumbers from cold cucumber water and use them to reduce acne redness. Or, wash your face with cucumber water in addition to your usual acne routine to reduce redness.
3. It’s low calorie: An entire cucumber averages about 45 calories so a few slices in your water is not adding very many additional calories
4. You may drink more water: We like things that taste good. Better tasting water just may prompt you to drink more of it. Cucumber water worked for me.
5. It’s detoxifying: The folks at Detox Lounge in San Diego encourage clients to drink cucumber water and use it as an integral part of their juice cleanse.
6. It’s inexpensive: Cucumbers are the 4th most widely cultivated vegetable in the world. Organics cost a bit more, however, relative to other organic fruits and vegetables, they are less expensive.
7. Guests love it: Add some extra wow to your table by adding a pitcher of cucumber water. Most people don’t take the trouble to make it at home, so they appreciate it so much more when served fancy water elsewhere.
8. Making it is easy: It takes just a few minutes to fill a pitcher (or glass) of water and slice a few cucumbers into it.
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  1. Só um pequeno esquema para quem é a favor da greve:subida do preço dos combustíveis –> greve dos camionistas –> crise na distribuição –> diminuição da quantidade oferecida de combustíveis –> pânico leva pessoas em massa às bombas –> aumento da quantidade procurada de combustíveis –> escassez da quantidade oferecida –> aumento do preço de combustíveis.Podia ainda ser um esquema mais simples, mas assim entende-se melhor.Divertido, não?


  2. Chuck says:

    We may have the same kids! Your description is true of mine, as well, including that they are polar opposites, even physically. It makes life interesting, that is for sure. Thanks for stopping by!, visiting my fellow GUTGAA pasitcipantr!


  3. Janie says:

    Love it. Been adding cukes to my water for quite a while now. Good for you too.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Gonna try some!



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