DT Windows and BBG ….

BBG my 7 year old Cocker loves to go thru a drive-thru window because she quickly learned that she will get a doggie treat. She also likes the open window with her head stuck out the passenger side. Her ears flapping and eyebrows are plastered flat against her head by the wind. Then she will drop back to the seat and spend the next couple of minutes getting her eyes clean. I always chuckle as she uses first one paw and then the other. Sometimes that is a major job.

BBG likes to ride in anything with four wheels. When I get ready to go anywhere she is ready to roll. It didn’t take but a couple of trips to the dry cleaner for her to learn the pretty lady on the other side of the sliding glass door could produce a delicious treat or two.

Shortly thereafter, she quickly caught on the same thing would happen if her daddy made trips to Wells Fargo and Dunkin Donuts. Judging from the way she devours the treats, they’re a lot better and tastier than she gets at home.

She is smart enough to know a treat is in store for her as soon as I turn on the signal light and head into the parking lot. She plants her front paws firmly on my right thigh and leans across me toward the window. When it is our turn to drive up to the window BBG almost reaches the driver’s side window with those I get no treats at home look. It works every time.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    If only they knew she gets plenty of treats at home!!



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